Sunday, May 30, 2010

SsssssssssssssMoking Art

This Month I had a theme in Mind , LIGHT, Play with Light

What better Way then Starting with a few Smoke Snaps ;)
So Here I am With Waves n Flowers of SMOKE

Keep Waiting for More Action

Saturday, May 22, 2010

United colors of the world

United colors of the world, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Look at the OM Star at top right , a truly global symbol now , A hindu symbolat christian festival hung at a muslim shop in Global village - USA

The true Autumn

The true Autumn, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Shot at Windsor shores Drive Columbia SC, during my second abode at the shores, A lovely place , home away from home.


Catchya, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Shot at NYC during the Massey's Parade 2009-10
Those pair of Eyes spoke...
A total mesmerizing sight.

EnCased Colors

EnCased Colors, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Shot at Lake Murrey - Columbia SC on a pleasant winter eve

A Rose that lasted a second

A Rose that lasted a second, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

A Smoke Rose formed using incense stick, Home torch, Black Cardboard, photoshop and my lovely FZ18 ;)