Thursday, October 7, 2010

Light cube

Light cube, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Staring from The Dark haven
Looking for the golden stairs
dunno where they'll lead me to,
I just search for a better tomorrow...

I love playing with Light(and words) and varied household artifacts.
Somehow they reflect the mood and the state of mind within me...
This is just one of those Shots, Was sitting alone after a wholesome day at work, for a change I had some quality code to do :).
Had just brought back some whole grocery, and the Sugar cubes struck me.
Stacked them up like a child would do, Building castles in the air, Shapes, Patterns, and finally the light.
Clicked some 20+ clicks, none came as perfectly as expected, but this one had a positive feel about it, The leading lines from bottom right to top left, the cubes, lines, texture, highlights melting into the shadow.
Processed partially .

20 Sugar cubes, 1 torch light,2 White cardboard sheets and a lot of Patience.
Torch Light trial and error from various angles
Formation : 9,6,4,1
Post Processing:
Added Frame, Bevel, Increased Shadow, Contrast, Added Slight Glow and Signature.

Please Critique
Especially on;
1. Composition
2. Over Process, Corrections to improvise
3. distracting Elements
4. What More could have been done
5. Framing and Signature