Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Enjoyed your Facebook Lookback ? Here's how to download

Facebook launched Facebook Lookback as a Celebration for it's 10 years. 
It's a beautiful gist of your years with [The] Facebook, bringing back candid memories.
Sad thing however, You can't download or share the video with those close ones ...

Well You actually can :)

Here's mine downloaded from the site.

To download the video you don't need ANY SOFTWARE (other than chrome browser [even IE would do] ) needs to be downloaded, so no spam , no bots no nothing.


  1. Open the Chrome Browser
  2. Open Developer tools from Options > Tools > Developer Tools (or simply press Ctrl + Shift + i)
  3. Go To Network tab.
  4. Navigate to your look back 
  5. Keep a watch on the network tab, and look for row with type as video/mp4 or simply sort on size , the row with highest size (approx 6 MB for HD video) is your video
  6. Now that you have the link, Open the link in a new tab and right click > Save.

That's all, You now have your video available for upload and share.

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PS: For Internet Explorer 7+, You can open the Developer toolbar by clicking F12, and same navigate to network tab will work there as well.