Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tired Of Life

Tired Of Life, originally uploaded by bnilesh_wakling in fields.

It has always been said over n over : " A Picture is worth a thousand words".

Probably for the first time, I feel the power of it.
Those tired eyes , looking for a respite, those droopy mustache telling a tale of the glorious past, the turban and a head held high , depicting the never say die attitude , and a pride for what I am.

A Mixed saga of emotions , the picture literally made tears roll outta my eyes....

In the our age of career and self centric life , we find excuses to be busy, and never give a thought as to what those small talks with the elderlies mean to them , and what pearls o wisdom you might gain from them.

Hats off to Nilesh sir for the masterpiece, and for reminding us of the roots.

I Love photography even more , wish I'd click a single such picture.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Processed and Dramatized

Processed and Dramatized, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Part of My Dry Spell as a Photographer...
Location: Jogee Bhadak Water Fall near Bekhliya village , 60 Kms From Indore.

Raw saved the day, Lot of processing with shadows , hue and slight saturation uplift.

NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline, originally uploaded by SwappyIT.

Shot From NYC Cruise, chilling Cold , drizzle and breeze.
A not so perfect day for photography , but RAW came out clean.

There were just two people on the deck when this was shot, Me with my tiny FZ18 and a Pro with an arsenal of lens.

Quite some lessons he gave.