Friday, December 2, 2011


Winner Scott Kelby WorldWide Photowalk 2011 - Pune Maharashtra

Finally, My First Photography recognition.
Shot during Scott Kelby's Annual Photowalk, at Pune.

A Bit dar on the Upper left corner, but probably that's what devided the image into Dark and Bright Zones, With the Diagonal Bar acting as a partition.

Editing done: Heavy
1. Noise reduction using Noise Ninja and Photoscape (This was shot on a Cloudy day with My Old Loyal Friend Panasonic Lumix FZ18)
2. Cropping and Rotating to Make the perspective horizontal (I took this pic crouching low due to small er distance and lack of Wider Angle)
3. Upped the Saturation by approx 10%
4. Selective Sharpening using Photoshop on The text to make it more Legible.

I am an amateur and a Learner, so Please Comment, Critique and help me learn.
Any and every Comment will be a +note to my journey.


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