Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Top 20 (Automatic Set)

And It RainedKiwi Delight :)That tiny li'l DropMorning RaagaLafangey Parindey :)once upon a time in Indore
Good Morning People :)Light cubeEmotion CollageIndian Railways - where Journey is just a sound sleep awaySmoke on the WaterA Cozy Li'l Indian Wedding
I N D B @ Night (Indore Broad gauge railway station)School Chalein hum ?Rigging Ragging Rafting - Rishikesh 2011how Do you DoMHOW 2010Don't be Racist :)
Experience Observance PersistanceSmoke on the Water

My Top 20 (Automatic Set), a set on Flickr.

Love the New Layout by Flickr, and 1 TB is a decent size too :)

G+ and Flickr a competitive bunch now on Photography.

FB is for teens and networking

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